Signs and Civic Memorials

At Johnson Monument Company, we take pride in our communities and our neighbors. It is an honor to be able to create civic memorials to communities all over Wisconsin, and to provide Wisconsin businesses with high-quality, eye-catching granite signs. Below are some examples of the signs and civic memorials that we have created and installed throughout Wisconsin.

If you are interested in a custom granite sign for your business or a civic memorial for your area please feel free to contact us.

Photo of the Angel of Hope sculpture

Angel of Hope

Located at Lakeview Cemetery, Eau Claire, WI

A bronze angel sculpture sits atop a Light Grey granite base engraved with the phrase, "Our Children Loved, Missed and Remembered."  The base is surrounded by granite pavers engraved with the names of deceased children.

The Angel of Hope was commissioned by Richard Paul Evans.

Photo of the Augusta Veterans Memorial

Augusta Veterans Memorial

Located in Downtown Augusta, WI

This memorial consists of three Light Grey granite tablets resting on a large, circular concrete pad. The tablets are engraved with the military emblems and wars / conflicts in which each veteran served.  Fifty engraved 8" x 8" Jet Black granite tiles are attached to the outer edge of the concrete pad.  Two concrete towers faced with engraved granite tiles, three gray granite benches, and several flags with flag-pole markers complete this veteran's memorial.

The Augusta Veteran's Memorial was commissioned by Veteran Committee of Augusta.

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Photo of the Bagley Area Veterans Memorial

Bagley Area Veterans Memorial

Located in Bagley, WI

This memorial consists of all Light Gray (quarried in Elberton, GA) tablets that are all steeled on Light Gray bases. There are 4 larger tablets with the wars/conflicts listed on the front with over 400 names of veterans served in those conflicts from the area. The center tablet which is slightly smaller has an emblem for each branch of the military and an eagle to honor all that have served for our country. A flag pole is centered at the back behind the tablets and a grey granite bench donated from the Veterans Committee in honor a local soldier that took part in the assault forces on Omaha Beach sits in the back corner to allow visitors to rest and enjoy.

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Photo of the Bloomer Veterans Memorial

Bloomer Veterans Memorial

Located on Highway 40, Bloomer, WI

There are several parts to this vast veteran's memorial. First, there are five Jet Black granite tablets, engraved with veterans' names and conflicts, all set on matching granite bases. These tablets are each 8 feet long x 5 feet tall.

The Bloomer Veterans Memorial also honors those captured, missing or killed in action with a POW * MIA * KIA monument. The concrete core of this 6-sided monument is faced with black granite engraved with the names and conflicts of the veterans who sacrificed their lives for their country. On top of the monument is the bronze "Fallen Soldier" rifle/helmet sculpture. Three engraved, Jet Black granite, curved-seat benches face the POW * MIA * KIA monument.

Throughout the memorial, you will find strategically placed engraved benches. Completing this memorial are over 1800 granite pavers covering the floor of the tribute.

Click here to view a slideshow of the creation of the Bloomer Veterans Memorial.

The Bloomer Veteran's Memorial was commissioned by the Boomer Visitor Center and Veteran's Committee.

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Photo of the Bloomington Veterans Memorial

Bloomington Veterans Memorial

Located in Bloomington, WI

A beautiful dedication to Veterans done with 6 large, black granite tablets on bases arranged around the points of a star on the concrete pad it sits on. Each tablet is lettered with the wars/conflicts, emblems for each military branch of service and almost 1200 names from Veterans from the Bloomington area and a beautiful hand etching of the American Flag. A flag pole is erected in the center of it all and four grey granite benches sit around the edges for visitors to rest and reflect.

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Photo of the Cadott Veterans Tribute

Cadott Veterans Tribute

Located at the River Country Truck Stop, Hwy 29 & 27, Cadott, WI

" The Wisconsin Veterans' Tribute proudly displays the flag of the United States, Canada and Wisconsin on a hill overlooking a beautiful vista. These flags fly with the flags of the five branches of our military--Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy and Sea Bee. Also, flags of the American Legion, DAV, POW/MIA, Veterans of Foreign Wars, WACVO, Wisconsin Veterans Educational Committee and others are displayed. Respectfully, our Canadian and Hmong Allies display their colors too. This tribute is for the living and deceased veterans and for their familes. The flags fly 24 hours a day, 52 weeks a year in honor of veterans and their loved ones. Military equipment presently on display, consisting of a M60A3TTS tank, a 9-1/2 ton naval 3.50 Anti-Aircraft gun turret, a Bell Cobra Gunship, Civil War Cannon replicas, a pre W.W.II 3" cannon and a 45 foot submarine Periscope. (from the Wisconsin Veterans' Tribute website)"

At the base of each of the Tribute's 61 flags are granite flag-markers engraved with veterans names, military affiliation, and/or donors names.

The Tribute also features several granite monuments, including:

  • The Chippewa County Veterans Marker
  • The House of Heroes
  • The Contributor's Stone
  • The Citizen Soldier Monument (see below)

The Cadott Veteran's Tribute was commissioned by the Wisconsin Veteran's Committee of Chippewa County.

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Photo of the Citizen Soldier Monument at Cadott Veterans Tribute

Citizen Soldier Monument @ Cadott Veterans Tribute

Located at the River Country Truck Stop, Hwy 29 & 27, Cadott, WI

The Citizen Soldier Monument is a recent addition to the Cadott Veteran's Tribute. This monument was created to honor the Citizen Soldiers who showed courage and strength on 9/11, including all of the firefighters, EMT's, police officers, nurses, doctors, and everyone else who came to the aid of those in need.

This black granite monument is over 14 feet long, 10 feet high and weighs 76,000 pounds! Each side of the massive monument is hand-etched with scenes from some of 9/11's most poignant moments. Topping the monument is an eternal flame which burns 365 days a year.

There are plans to add a walk-way and granite benches in the future, as donations permit.

The Citizen Soldier Monument @ Cadott Veteran's Tribute was commissioned by the Wisconsin Veteran's Committee of Chippewa County.

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Photo of the Dunn County Veterans Tribute

Dunn County Veterans Tribute

Located in Downtown Menomonie, WI

A concrete base supports this engraved, black granite monument. The monument is topped with a sculpture of a globe surmounted by a soaring eagle.

The Dunn County Veterans Tribute was commissioned by the Dunn County Veterans Committee.

Photo of the Hank Aaron Tribute

Hank Aaron Tribute

Located at Carson Park in Eau Claire, WI

The Hank Aaron Tribute at Carson Park in Eau Claire honors the minor league beginnings of one of baseball's greatest heroes. This large mahogany granite base is topped by a bronze bust sculpture of Mr. Aaron. The attached bronze plaque reads: On June 14, 1952, Henry Aaron made his professional baseball debut here at Carson Park with the Eau Claire Bears. In his first two at-bats, he hit run-scoring singles in a game against St. Cloud, Minn.

Aaron is depicted here as the Bears' 18-year-old shortstop from Mobile, Ala., wearing No. 6.

He went on to hit .336 with nine home runs for Eau Claire, a class C minor league team. He made the all-Star team and was Northern League Rookie of the Year.

Two years later, in 1954, Aaron joined the Milwaukee Braves and hit the first of his major league record 755 home runs. He retired in 1976 with the Milwaukee Brewers. In 1982, "Hammerin' Hank" was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.

The Hank Aaron Tribute was commissioned by Eau Claire Parks & Rec.

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Photo of the Les Paul Sign

Les Paul Sign

Located at the newly named Les Paul Middle School Central Campus in Waukesha, WI

This beautifully crafted sign is 5 feet in width and is almost 4-1/2 feet tall.

Les Paul, Born in Waukesha, WI had many influential moments and inventions throughout his life.

The most noted, layering many tracks of recordings together for music, up to 24, and way ahead of the times. And partnering with Gibson Guitars to design a solid body guitar that has been used by top producing artist around the world.

The sign was crafted from Silver Cloud Granite, quarried in Georgia, USA.

The Les Paul sign was commissioned by Innovative Signs of Waukesha, WI in conjunction with the Les Paul Foundation.

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Photo of the Mondovi Veterans Tribute

Mondovi Veterans Tribute

Located near Mirror Lake in Mondovi, WI

This solemn veteran's memorial features seven black granite tablets of varying heights set in a step-formation on a semi-circular concrete foundation. The tablets list the names and military information of area veterans.

The Mondovi Veterans Tribute was commissioned by the Mondovi American Legion & VFW.

Photo of the Tributes to Fallen Law Enforcement Agents

Tributes to Fallen Law Enforcement Agents

Located throughout Wisconsin

Many Wisconsin communities choose to honor the sacrifices of the police officers and state troopers who give their lives in the line of duty. Among these, we've had the honor to create these memorials for:

  • Patrol Officer Michael R Baribeau, Rice Lake, WI
  • Trooper Deborah M McMenamin, Eau Claire, WI
  • Deputy Jason Zunker, Chippewa Falls, WI Courthouse

The Wisconsin Law Enforcement Tribute was commissioned by Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers and James Barnier.

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Photo of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Tribute

Wisconsin Newspaper Association

Located among the trees of the Newspaper Association’s Camp for aspiring journalists in Eagle River, WI.

Located among the trees of the Newspaper Association’s Camp for aspiring journalists in Eagle River, WI. The five large tablets, each a massive 9 feet wide and 6 feet tall list names of Newspaper journalists throughout the state of Wisconsin that had a large impact, retired or died. There are also benches to commemorate those people or businesses that have made large contributions to the camp and/or the sign project.

Each sign is Dakota Mahogany, quarried in Millbank, South Dakota, USA. They have a sawn finish on each side and a natural rock pitch on the tops and sides.

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Example of Other Memorials and Tributes

Other Memorials and Tributes

Located throughout Wisconsin and the United States

In addition to the above mentioned memorials, we have also had the honor of creating the following memorials and tributes:

  • Alma Center, WI: Veterans Memorial Bench
  • Baldwin, WI: Veterans Memorial
  • Cornell, WI: Cornell Police Tribute
  • Eau Claire, WI: Eau Claire County Courthouse War Memorial
  • Fall Creek, WI: Memorial & Donor's Monument
  • Hayward, WI: St. Joseph's Church Belfry, Dedication to the Unborn Child
  • Hixton, WI: Veterans Memorial
  • Luxemburg, WI: Luxemburg Bank and Veterans Tribute
  • Rudolph, WI: Veterans Memorial
  • Thorp, WI: St Hedwigs Church Tribute
  • Stanley, WI: Stanley-Boyd Area Veterans Memorial
  • Taylor, WI: Veterans Memorial
  • Webster, WI: Webster Veterans Tribute
  • Winter, WI: Veterans Memorial
  • Wisconsin Rapids, WI: Wisconsin Rapids Firefighters Memorial

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Granite signs are available in a variety of colors and are customized to your specific needs. These signs are very attractive, durable and maintenance free, and are sure to add a touch of class to your business.

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