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Your loved one’s monument should reflect his or her unique personality. We use cutting-edge technology to create and design almost any shape you desire. Let us help you make the perfect monument for your loved one.

Your loved one’s Wing monument can be created in many ways. Most commonly, you will see it as 4 pieces of granite on a fairly large foundation. There are 2 tablets (one on each side) and a plinth between the tablets, all of which set together on the base. A Wing monument can be done without the plinth, or it can be completed as a single piece meant to look as if it is several pieces.

Our Back to Nature monuments are available in random sizes and contours to offer you a variety of options. The sides and back of the monument are a rough-hewn stone, matching the shape and structure of a natural rock formation.


The front of the stone can vary from a straight-sawn, unpolished surface to a small, polished surface. Back to Nature monuments offer you a completely unique way to honor your loved one. These monuments can be used to adorn a cemetery, home, personal recreational land, or park. Monuments are available in limited colors.

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