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Let the knowledgeable and compassionate staff at Johnson Monument, LLC help you choose the marker that best suits your loved one’s final resting place. There are three basic designs when it comes to memorial markers.

Beveled markers are always set on concrete foundations; however, a matching granite base may be used instead of the usual concrete foundation.


A beveled marker is generally 6 inches tall in the back and tapers to 4 1/2 inches in the front, or 8 inches tall in the back and tapers to 6 1/2 inches tall in front.

Flat markers are often referred to as foot stones. They are usually 4 inches thick. Flat markers can be set a few different ways:

Beveled marker options

Flat marker options

Slant markers are set on a concrete or granite foundation, and they are usually 2 inches to 4 inches in length, 16 inches tall, and cut with a tapered face. We can offer you a special touch by adding a matching granite base between the foundation and the slant marker.

Slant marker options

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  • Flush with a collar (marker placed in cement collar, usually about 5 inches around marker, then set flush in ground)

  • Flush without a collar (marker set flush in ground, no cement collar)

  • Above ground (marker set on cement foundation)

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