Large auburn urn with bronze lid

Large Auburn Eternity Urn

Dimensions: 11" high and 6½" in diameter.

Design Type

Cremation Products


Most families whose loved one has been cremated choose to purchase a memorial.  Many will purchase a traditional memorial but others may opt for something different.  Traditional options (for when the ashes will be buried in a cemetery) include the memorials featured in our markers and monuments galleries.  A variation on this are memorials where the ashes are interred in the monument itself, some examples of which are shown in our cremation gallery.  Bronze plaques are often used when the remembrance is to be placed in a more public setting.  All of these options can be highly personalized.  Finally, a wide variety of decorative urns are available for use either inside your home and/or until burial arrangements have been made.


Shipping is free! Cremation markers and monuments will be delivered to the cemetery in the same time frames as referenced on our traditional marker and monument product pages.  Cremation urns purchased on our website will be shipped directly to your home, generally within 2 weeks of your order date.