Grave markers generally come in three styles: flat granite, flat bronze and raised granite. Check out the galleries below to see examples of the options available to you. Keep in mind that many cemeteries have restrictions on the type of memorial you are allowed to have. If you're not sure of the regulations at your cemetery, call our office for assistance.

Flat Granite Markers

These markers are 4" thick, lay flat with the ground and range in length from 2 - 4 feet long. They are typically designed for 1 or 2 inscriptions.

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Bronze Markers

Bronze markers are typically mounted on a granite base for added protection and can accommodate 1 or 2 inscriptions.

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Raised Markers

Raised granite markers are often preferred since they sit above ground, keeping them cleaner than a flat marker and making them easier to find.

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Customization & Ordering

We pride ourselves on creating memorials that are custom to your specifications. The type of customization, such as granite color or engraving, will impact the price of your memorial.

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Granite Selection

A granite cemetery monument ensures you will enjoy its original beauty for decades to come. In order to offer you the largest selection of colors possible, we import our granite from all over the world.

Granite Colors