Front view of private mausoleum with two front benches surrounded by bushes

Private Mausoleum

The benches are a nice addition to the Lionello mausoleum, providing a place to sit and reflect. This mausoleum stands in Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Hillside, IL.

Design Type


Design Characteristics

Christian cross Christian figure Greek Design Vases

Granite Color

Other Color


Your mausoleum will be designed and built to meet your unique specifications.  When you meet with us we will discuss the number of full body crypts and cremation niches you require as well as the design elements that are important to you.  You can select stained glass and bronze door designs from our catalog of beautiful pieces or we can create custom patterns that reflect the values and memories you hold most dear.  If you have not purchased cemetery property yet, we will assist you with selecting lots in the ideal location of the cemetery to ensure your building is a standout for generations to come.


Johnson Monument will be your single point of contact for the design, fabrication, delivery and installation of your mausoleum.  Delivery can be arranged anywhere in the United States.